“What could be more fun après ski than sidling up to a bar made of , well, old skis? Named the best US Ski Bar by SKIING MAGAZINE , the Matterhorn Ski Bar is a virtual museum to the sport of skiing. Located at the base of the mountain and offering great views of Sunday River’s trails, the Matterhorn’s, two floors contain wall-to-wall memorabilia, from skis to mountaineering equipment (nobody has won the contest to name how many skis are on display) Owner Roger Beaudoin, a skier and mountaineer who climbed the Matterhorn in 1998 and plans to do it again this summer, says this visual history of skiing makes the Matterhorn unique. “Our customers donate things to us” he says “we’ve got hundreds of pairs of skis from 1930’s hickories to 70’s day glow gear.”