“What could be more fun après ski than sidling up to a bar made of , well, old skis? Named the best US Ski Bar by SKIING MAGAZINE , the Matterhorn Ski Bar is a virtual museum to the sport of skiing. Located at the base of the mountain and offering great views of Sunday River’s trails, the Matterhorn’s, two floors contain wall-to-wall memorabilia, from skis to mountaineering equipment (nobody has won the contest to name how many skis are on display) Owner Roger Beaudoin, a skier and mountaineer who climbed the Matterhorn in 1998 and plans to do it again this summer, says this visual history of skiing makes the Matterhorn unique. “Our customers donate things to us” he says “we’ve got hundreds of pairs of skis from 1930’s hickories to 70’s day glow gear.”

“Enjoy the Matterhorn, which books bands from Boston on weekends and pretty much rocks all the time. Don’t miss the Matterhorn Ski Bar for great steaks and rowdy après.”

“No trip to Sunday River is complete without an evening at the Matterhorn Ski Bar. You’re bound to have yourself a good time after noshing down on a wood-fired pizza, jamming out to some live music and drowning yourself in a 60 oz alcoholic concoction known as a “Glacier Bowl” . If you plan on becoming a local, you’ve got to join their mug club. With over 700 members, it may be one of the largest in the country.”

“Most everyone we saw on the slopes hit the Matterhorn Ski Bar, under a ceiling hung with beer mugs, skis and posters of snowy peaks, for cheeseburgers, pizza, knots of garlicky dough cooked in the brick oven.”

“Ski flicks, billiards, ski memorabilia (including a bar constructed of skis) live entertainment and those 60 oz Glacier Bowls make the Matterhorn Ski Bar one of skidom’s greatest bars. Families can’t go wrong – shoot pool, watch ski flicks, and fill up on hearty steaks, seafood and brick oven pizza. There’s even a kids menu and on weekend nights, family entertainment from 6-8. On most nights you can get your skis tuned while you dine for just $10. Don’t miss the Matterhorn Ski Bar for great steaks and rowdy après.”

“The Matterhorn Ski Bar, on the access road to Sunday River – for great steaks and rowdy après ski.”

“The Matterhorn, on the road to Sunday River, is one of New England’s best ski bars, with a bar made of vintage skis, ski memorabilia on the walls, and Glenn Plake’s signature on the ceiling.”

“The Matterhorn bar top is made of vintage skis, the walls are covered with ski memorabilia from every era, and the friendly owners serve wood-fired pizza and their own Ski Bar Beer and play ski-porn on big screen TVs. That’s everything you need in a ski bar!”

“It’s the real deal, with walls hint with ski memorabilia from the past several decades, a bar top made from vintage skis, and the brewed Ski Bar beer, an ale so good it doesn’t need a clever name. Don’t miss the live music on the weekends.”

“To be sure that you never confuse the Matterhorn with a common sports bar, co-owner Roger Beaudoin and Patrice Miller have created a veritable shrine to skiing. The bar is constructed of skis, ski memorabilia covers the walls and ceiling (Ski Mount Tom!), and the 64-inch flatscreen HD television play ski-porn from opening to last call. Not that you should hang out at a bar from opening to last call. Right? Right?!?”